Save Our Money

Save Our Money
Youth Exchange

“Save Our Money” was a youth exchange project dedicated to the topic of financial literacy in which participated 48 young people from Hungary, Romania, Lithuania and Bulgaria. The partnership of this project is constituted of 4 organisations, each one of them contributed to reach the project goal: Legaramlat Nonprofit kft, Asociatia Ingens Risus, Asociacija "Tavo Europa" and INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING.

The Mobility

The youth exchange took place in Mezobereny, Hungary between 9th-18th September 2019 and from each partner country were selected 12 young participants aged 16-25 years old, 3 of them facing fewer opportunities (geographic, economic and social obstacles) to participate in the mobility. All the working methods were participatory and non-formal, youths being guided in their learning process by group leaders and facilitators. The young people taking part in this youth exchange got familiar with general financial concepts, understood how active and passive income and investments work and the main principles of financial management; as well as increased their capacities to plan their own budgets.

Objectives achieved

1. 48 young people from Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania increased their level of financial competences by working together and sharing experiences in a non-formal intercultural learning context.

2. Raised awareness of the Erasmus+ programme and of the importance of financial competences among young people in the four communities form where 48 young participants are coming from.

3. The partner organisations increased their capacities to offer support to empower the target groups to develop individual learning plans on financial literacy.

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Our top 5 tips for young people:


1. Get to know yourself and learn self-control.

2. Plan your budget and respect it strictly.

3. Spend less than you earn in order to save money.

4. Set up an emergency fund.

5. Invest on you and personal experiences.

Stop thinking and start acting! :)

Intercultural evenings

Participants developed their cultural expressions by exchanging between them traditions, costumes and aspects related to the lifestyle of the 4 countries represented in the mobility.


The 48 young participants increased their level of financial literacy, being able to manage their budget once they get to their independent lives. They are more confident and optimistic about their future, when they will become students and have to take care of their resources by themselves. During the youth exchange participants developed skills, knowledge and attitudes towards an increased sense of initiative. Through the dissemination activities carried out, participants and organisations involved raised awareness of the importance of youths' financial literacy within their communities. Partner organisations improved their capacities to support young people to develop learning activities tailored to their needs.

Project's video


The participants from HU, RO, BG and LT disseminated the results of the project within their high schools, where they organized a workshop. They presented the Erasmus + programme and shared the experiences gained during the exchange. During the presentations, they showed the promotional video and organized activities with their colleagues. During the events, they wore the T-shirts with the project logo. As a result of this dissemination actions, the young people made new contacts with the participants in order to initiate a new exchange of young people that could answer to some of their issues in the community.





Partner organisations

Legaramlat has disseminated the results of the project to other youth workers, volunteers and experts working in the field of youth within other training their members attended. They shared the results of the project, the perspectives and new experience gained through this project, as well as the necessity of the financial literacy among young people. ICDET from BG have an online TV show where one of the participants shared their experience gained during the “Save Our Money” project.