Dissemination of My Green World project

The hungarian dissemination for the project “My green world” happened on 19th of February from 9:00 am till 9:45am. The event took place on google meet was completely in english and was held for 24 people from which 2 were english teachers from Budenz József primary and high school. The other 22 people are currently attending the 11th year at the same school(Budenz József), from which 16 are male and 6 female. The pupils were in the age of 18-19, non of them had any experience in Erasmus+ projects yet.

The whole event was facilitated by Ábel Nagy, Kristóf Takácsy, Réka Balogh and by the lead of Nándor Pataki. During the activity the hungarian team talked about their personal experience and contribution in Erasmus+ projects, especially Youth Exchanges, later on presented the basic informations of the project: when and where it took place, the participating countries, and what was the topic of the project. By using non-formal methods, the class was more involved. This included kahoot and discussing the topic together. During the activity the participants learnt about how they can protect the environment, how to contribute more in it and learn more about it by going on Erasmus+ projects. They learnt to appreciate the nature better by seeing pictures of the places where the participants went during the project. They also learnt how to look for projects and seek for opportunities. A discussion was also made about the risks and differences when traveling during the virus.

At the end of the project the team held a short breafing about the advantages of going on Erasmus+ projects and discussed some basic facts regarding Youth Exchanges such as the age limit, how many times you can go on them, what are the topics, and the learning methods which are used during the sessions. At last there was a short Q&A hold, where the class had a chance to ask some questions regarding the project or Erasmus+ in general. There was also a discussion made in aim to know how many people from the class got more interested in going to Erasmus+ projects especially Youth Exchanges in the future.